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        Recruitment needs

        Recruitment position: foreign trade salesman (English / Russian / Arabic)

        1. Use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and other social networking platforms as well as foreign exhibitions to develop new customers;
        2. Develop foreign trade business, expand overseas market and develop foreign customers;
        3. Be responsible for the export of domestic chips that we represent;
        4. Responsible for the export of international brand chips;
        5. Maintain the customer relationship of old customers, excavate the demand and order;
        6. Handle other affairs assigned by superior.
        Job requirements:
        1. Bachelor degree or above, major is not limited;
        2. Good command of Russian / Arabic and good command of English;
        3. Have a certain basic knowledge of foreign trade, understand foreign trade process;
        4. Have strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work seriously, strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance;
        5. A strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated, proactive work, a strong sense of customer service;
        6. Strive to progress, eager to learn progress.
        fringe benefits:
        1. Salary: face to face negotiation;
        2. Monthly full attendance award;
        3. Purchase five insurances and one fund;
        4. Communication subsidy (150-200 yuan) per month after becoming a regular worker;
        5. Working hours: 9:00-12:00 ~ 13:30-18:00 from Monday to Friday;
        6. Holidays: Weekend weekend; statutory holidays in accordance with the national arrangements, enjoy paid holidays; provide holiday gifts or gifts;
        7. Activities: organizing League building activities from time to time;
        8. Enjoy book borrowing benefits;
        9. Environment and atmosphere: the company's teams are all born in the 1980s and 1990s. They work actively, get along with each other warmly and harmoniously, and communicate easily.
        Contact information:
        Contact person: Miss Liu
        Tel: 0755-36367711
        Contact email: hr@zzonlinetech.com
        Address: No.403, Yinhe Fengyun building, Gaoxin North Sixth Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
        Send resume to email hr@zzonlinetech.com , email subject "name + position"

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