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        About us

        XKHG-IC Group Group Co. Ltd. founded in September 2016, is committed to developing into a first-class comprehensive service provider in semiconductor field.
        The company has established extensive cooperation with first-class semiconductor technology companies and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, providing services including: semiconductor wafer foundry, semiconductor material supply, RF and microwave material supply, and semiconductor device agent and distribution. The field covers silicon-based optoelectronics, the third generation of semiconductors and other cutting-edge hot spots, and serves customers including domestic famous universities and scientific research institutions , IOT solution provider, phased array radar and satellite communication equipment supplier, etc.
        Core technology Huagao headquarters is located in the forefront of reform and opening up, Shenzhen Special Zone - Nanshan District Science and Technology Park, and has branches in Chengdu. As an emerging enterprise, the company has a high goal. At present, all employees have bachelor's degree or above, and 30% of them graduated from 985 / 211 university. The combination of high starting point positioning and high-quality talents creates conditions for the rapid development of core technology Huagao company, and also creates higher added value for the needs of customers.
        Our main brands:
        TriQuint, Hittite, Xilinx, Altera, ad, Ti, MACOM, INTERSIL, linear, e2v, Cree, Freescale, Samsung, micro, Actel, Philips / NXP, Avago, Toshiba, interpoint, euvis, Eudyna / Fujitsu, DDC, IGSS Gan, etc. (all brands have strong channel support, all from the superior distribution channels of the original manufacturer and agent)

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